Friday, July 4, 2008

Phoenix Falling Trailers and Site Officially Up!

Hello all!

Hope everyone's doing great! I know it's been awhile but keep the faith; good things come to those who wait!

How do you like the official Phoenix Falling website? And the trailers? There'll be additional trailers with less flash and more story/concept soon.




debsford said...

Just want everyone to know that I have thoroughly enjoyed and am impressed with this site in all its entities, specifically the Phoenix Falling trailers. I look forward to more of this film with anticipation! I've been in this biz behind and in front of the camera for a couple of decades, so I should know. Great work to cast and crew, you deserve high marks!

Dr. Drew said...

Ram... it's Drew from The World of Jimmy Star... wanted to say the website is just terrific! Very comprehensive, very professional, and yet very inviting and considerate of all cast and crew.

I also think the trailer is just amazing. What editing, what a soundtrack, and what intensity!

I'm sure you are so proud, and you should be! congratulations! I personally can't wait to see the film!

matmilne said...

wonderful. i do love the trailer. and don't worry about the imdb, once the film is released and hits those festivals, everybody will be writing about it, lol.
in the meantime keep pluggin away, i'll be doing free, good and fast music production, when you're ready.
when you update the credits i'm matt milne (on the imdb, it saves confusing it)

otherwise a great site, feeling so excited, there's jets, guns, courts, relationships, a gritty father, two charming woman, an overimaginative girl, and to top it all off, magic.
just everything you could possibly want in a feature film.

Louis West said...

This is a "gem" waiting to be discovered. Much work and talent went into this film.

The website is great, with more information and pictures about the actors and the film. I enjoy the transformation from the actors' performance, makeup, costumes and so on to the screen.

The trailer leaves me in suspense, wanting to know more. Can’t wait to see the film.

Lesley said...

I've now sent the link to this superb website all around the world, and - having viewed the trailers - everyone is impatient to see the film when released.
But don't be rushed, Ram. All good things are worth waiting for. CONGRATULATIONS!

John said...

Well, after seeing this I can only say how PROUD I am to have been involved with so much talent.
From the writer/producer/editor, to the crew who did the physical work (waaaay too many to remember at my age), to one of the main reasons a product comes out this way, The Talent.
What a great experience this was, and what a great product it is turning out to be.
I cannot wait for the Premiere!!
Can you say Top Hat and Tails?
Best to all,

MacGyver Joe said...

Totally amazing ride from day 1 with you all! Through a journey of it's own, PF has become our discovery of what the true innocence and appreciation of friendship really means. I enjoyed it all...the laughs, the bitching, the "wow's!", waking up early in the morning for something you actually "want" to do, the 2 a.m. last minute ideas, the gut decisions, and the beautiful people. Where else can a middle-aged man feel like he's seven building a treehouse with stolen wood and bent nails from a neighborhood construction site! MacGyver Joe